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These days, business advice isn’t hard to come by.

The problem with most of that advice, says Tony Campolo, is that it’s dead wrong—or, at best, woefully incomplete. With characteristics honestly and insight, he cuts through the fog of common business “wisdom” and zeroes in on the real bottom line: how to achieve solid, satisfying success in business and in life.

Campolo’s years of experience as a consultant to the corporate world have convinced him that the ethical, moral, biblical, approach to business not only builds more satisfying lives, but it really does make good business sense. The checklist of goals and ideals he presents will not only turn your work life in a positive direction, but undergrid your entire existence with strength and purpose.

Count on it. Everything you’ve heard about good business is wrong.

That is, unless you’ve heard Tony Campolo’s compelling message that, ultimately, the most effective (and fulfilling) way to do good business is to go about the business of doing good.

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