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Carpe Diem! Seize the Day!

Tony Campolo’s book Carpe Diem! (Seize the Day!) is a stirring call to make the most of life. As a group leader, you can make sure these sessions drive home the point by asking yourself some preliminary questions:

  • Are you so content with your life that you feel little zest for changing it for the better?
  • Are you so touched by the needs of others that you’re willing to get involved in helping meet those needs?
  • Have you had so many disappointments in life that you fear becoming passionate about a cause?
  •  Do you think all the good songs have been written?

You can see where such questions lead. Your own enthusiasm for living, your openness to new challenges, you willingness to seize the moment–all this will help determine whether this series communicate Dr. Campolo’s intensity and passion to the members of your group. Begin preparing for this series by praying for God to touch your own hear with the fire of His Holy Spirit and use you to call others to the adventure of living.

This Leader’s Guide for using the four-session video series Carpe Diem supplies a group leader with:

  • Leader’s guides containing a focus statement, suggested background reading Carpe Diem, and discussion questions to help the group apply the material they’ve seen and heard.
  • Action ideas, called “Seizing the Day,” to encourage group members to follow up on the session by doing something about it.
  • Group Members’ viewing guides to help them focus on the content of the video and prepare themselves for the discussion to follow. Make copies of these guides and give group members time to look over them before the video starts so they’ll recognize the parts that call for a response. The questions can be answered as the video is viewed or just used to stimulate thinking and prepare for the discussion period.

Of course you should adjust the amount of this material as needed so you fill the time you’ve set for you sessions without running too long. Take advantage of the fact that the book from which the videos are drawn is included in this video curriculum. There can be no substitute for a group leader’s becoming immersed in the broader background behind the author’s video remarks.
May God bless you as you live life to the fullest and seize the day.

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