Partly Right: Learning from the Critics of Christianity

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Partly Right: Learning from the Critics of Christianity

Middle-class Christianity has outlasted its strongest critics, and is today seeing its most explosive growth in years. But there are many critics who think that middle-class Christianity is a dinosaur, ready for extinction. Claiming that the church is outdated and oppressive, they outline plans for a revolutionary society, discarding the social advances that have sprung from the faith of the Reformation. You need to understand what these critics and enemies of the faith are saying if you want to share a vital and compelling faith with nonbelievers.

Whether from outside the church or within the body of Christ, these critics have something important to say to you as a believer. Sociologist and popular author Tony Campolo shows who these critics are, where there are criticisms are valid, and where their assumptions are false. From revolutionaries like Karl Marx to elitist like Nietzsche and Freud, Campolo examines the ideologies that have shaped our world and challenged biblical Christianity.

You’ll also learn to appreciate the roots of your faith. Campolo shows how the values of the middle-class Christian church developed, how the church affects society, and what you as a Bible-believing Christian can do to help today’s church be an effective force for God’s Kingdom.

(1995, Thomas Nelson - Paperback)

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