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A Reasonable Faith

Do you feel like you are speaking a foreign language when you discuss Christianity with non-believing contemporaries? Do you sometimes get the impression that they think your faith in Christ is as exotic as a witch doctor’s belief in magic spells? Do you wonder why there seems to be an unbridgeable gap between their secular beliefs and your religious convictions?

A Reasonable Faith shows you how to bridge the gap between faith and intellectual arguments and helps you see the ways that Christian beliefs intersect with modern needs and concerns.

Avoiding black/white arguments that pit Christians against secular humanist, Tony Campolo offers a clear understanding of what each side is saying. He says, “Those of us who would talk about God and communicate our faith to such persons in a way that allows them to see it as a viable option for a life commitment, must understand the character of secularity.” In this book, he shows how today’s secular mind-set developed and offers a true Christian view of being human.

(1983, Thomas Nelson - Paperback)

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