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In trying to follow the example of Jesus, I have resolved to speak for any group that is willing to hear me share my convictions without compromise. When Jesus was among us in the flesh, He often spoke with people and groups that the religious establishment found objectionable, and there are times when I am likely to come under scrutiny for doing the same. I ask that those who are upset with some of my speaking engagements judge me on the basis of what I say on such occasions, rather than simply because of those to whom I speak. That I speak in a particular setting does not mean that I necessarily agree with the beliefs of the group or organization that invited me.

As a case in point, I have recently been invited to speak to a group that affirms a lifestyle that is contrary to what I believe the Bible teaches. This group knows where I stand on this matter, but still is willing to have me speak for them, knowing that I will speak about what I believe and why I believe as I do. On this occasion, as always, I will do my best to speak the truth in love.

This is a day and an age wherein all Christians must find a way to communicate with those who hold contrary convictions. To contend that we love certain people and then refuse to express that love in being with them and talking with them seems questionable to me. There is no other way I can see for the Gospel to be spread and the love of God expressed to those who differ with us than by speaking directly, even to those with whom we disagree.

It is fair to judge me only for what I say, rather than where and to whom I say it.

Invite Tony to Speak

Dr. Tony Campolo speaks over 400 times a year throughout the United States and around the world, addressing a wide variety of conferences, churches, festivals, crusades, universities and professional gatherings. He generally books his speaking calendar 18-24 months in advance, and even dates that appear free are sometimes being negotiated with other groups. Only confirmed dates are added to Dr. Campolo’s itinerary.

To invite Dr. Campolo to speak to your group, simply fill out his speaking invitation form completely and email it directly to Tony’s executive assistant at If you prefer, you may also write him a letter which should include the information suggested at the bottom of this page.


Normal arrangements for hosting Dr. Campolo (and his wife, Peggy, or another travel companion, should he opt to be accompanied) to attend will include honorarium, hotel accommodations, local event ground transportation either by rental car/fuel or transportation arrangements by host at our discretion, meals, and coach round-trip airfare(s) from Philadelphia (when applicable), ground transportation cost to and from the airport in Philadelphia, and any other miscellaneous expenses that he may incur related to your engagement, to be invoiced after the event. All flight arrangements are made by our office and we have found that it works best if you simply plan on the cost of a round trip airfare from Philadelphia to your event, regardless of flight connections or other speaking engagements for the actual dates needed to attend your specific event. Please rest assured that we always seek the best possible fare, so your actual cost may be lower. We have established this policy due to the complexity of Dr. Campolo’s travel schedule. Because Dr. Campolo has no set speaking fee, honorariums are negotiated for each event.

Exceptions to the above paragraph are, if your engagement is local to Philadelphia or within 1.5-2 hours driving time, Dr. Campolo usually tries to drive to those locations instead of flying. The other exception is, if your engagement is outside the United States or Canada, Dr. Campolo (and his wife, Peggy, or another travel companion, should he opt to be accompanied) will travel in business class on the airplane and you will be responsible to cover those full costs. This is due to Dr. Campolo’s age.

Our Process:

Once you have submitted your written request using the invitation form to Dr. Campolo’s executive assistant at, please allow about 30 days for a response to your request. Within that time, Dr. Campolo and his review team will examine your invitation and make a determination as to Dr. Campolo’s ability to fulfill your request. If Dr. Campolo and his office have agreed to a firm date for you, James will notify you via email. We will list the date, time agreed and the terms of our acceptance. At that point, you will have two weeks to respond in writing as to your acceptance as stated. If Dr. Campolo and his office do not feel that he can accept your invitation, Dr. Campolo will write you a letter of explanation.

If we all agree, then a confirmation email packet will follow, with all the details for your time with Dr. Campolo. It will include an acceptance letter, three forms to be completed, and information about publicity. Many engagements can be handled fully by carefully and thoroughly completing the forms as detailed as possible. Within two weeks to ten days prior to Dr. Campolo’s engagement with you, you will receive a final travel arrangements email listing everything we are expecting on both ends, to help you have a great engagement with Dr. Campolo.


Once we agree to a date for Dr. Campolo to be with you a cancellation fee becomes enforceable. You will be expected to provide an honorarium of $1500/day should you cancel an engagement without his consent. If Dr. Campolo’s engagement would have required him to be with you overnight, then the fee of $3000 will be collected to cover both days. Failure to return forms does not release you from the cancellation fee, should you cancel. It is your obligation and responsibility to contact us if you decide to cancel.

Limitations on Schedule:

In order to protect Dr. Campolo from undue stress and exhaustion, his schedule is limited to no more than two speaking times per day, preferably separated by some time for rest. Moreover, there can be absolutely no ‘add-ons’ (interviews, question-and-answer sessions, special meals, prayer meetings or book signing without prior, written approval from our office.) If you want to include these, we ask that you submit them in your initial request.

Written Request:

For a faster response, we suggest using the online invitation form mentioned above.  However, if you prefer to write an invitation letter instead, please include the following information:

  • A full description of the event.
  • A full description of how you would like Dr. Campolo to participate in the event, including if possible the times you would like him to speak.
  • The attendance and type of audience you expect, and a description of the event venue.
  • The proposed date or dates for event (please note if your dates are flexible, and give preferences).
  • A full description of your organization/institution.
  • Complete contact information for your organization/institution, including the name, address, phone and fax numbers and email address of the primary contact person.
  • The name of the closest airport(s) and the distance from that airport(s) to the event.

Please note that Dr. Campolo generally books his calendar 18-24 months in advance. In most cases, all travel and lodging expenses are paid by the event sponsor. Because Dr. Campolo has no set speaking fee, honorariums are negotiated for each event.

Email his assistant at, or send your letter to:

Eastern University
Attn: Dr. Tony Campolo
1300 Eagle Rd.
St. Davids, PA 19087

Requests for Endorsement

For most of Tony’s career he tried to respond to every manuscript sent his way. Lately his family has prevailed on him to slow down. He doesn’t like the idea of not being able to personally respond to your communication, but at this point he needs to concentrate his time and energy on his speaking and writing ministry. Tony will not be able to accept requests to read and comment on manuscripts. He hopes and prays for your understanding.

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Request Forms

Please complete the form below which is applicable to your request, save it as a Word document and email it as an attachment to Dr. Campolo’s executive assistant at

Invite Tony to Speak
Request Tony for a Radio or TV Interview
Request Tony for a Newspaper or Magazine Interview

Event Prep & Confirmation

Once you receive a confirmation / acceptance letter with all the details spelled out, you will be asked to complete forms similar to these below:

Sample Partial Initial Confirmation Form
Sample Final Confirmation Form
Sample Web Confirmation Form
Press Release
Sample Press Release


You are welcome to use these photographs of Tony Campolo in conjunction with his confirmed participation at your event. Please do not use photographs of Tony Campolo to imply his endorsement of or attendance at events or organizations without explicit consent.

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