April 8, 2014; Tony Campolo was interviewed on Faith & Leadership – he explains why he’s closing his ministry organization, the Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education, after more than 40 years.

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Tony Campolo on Aqueduct ProjectFebruary 24, 2014; Tony joined the Aqueduct Project to discuss his book The God of Intimacy and Action: Reconnecting Ancient Spiritual Practices, Evangelism, and Justice written in 2008 with Mary Albert Darling. Click here to listen to the interview.





December 17, 2013; Interview by Jonathan Merritt, On Faith & Culture on RNS (Religious News Service).

“Tony Campolo might rightly be described as one of the founding fathers of the modern day “Christian left.”  An ordained baptist minister and son of a union organizer, Campolo gained prominence as a spiritual advisor to President Bill Clinton. He’s the founder of the Evangelical Organization for the Promotion of Education and the namesake for Eastern University’s Campolo School for Social Change. Progressive evangelical Jim Wallis calls Campolo his “favorite evangelist.” Click here to read the interview.

Youthwork Magazine’s Deputy editor, Phoebe Thompson, interviewed Tony for their July 2013 issue during his short trip to the UK. In their discussion about evangelising young people, social justice and what he would say to his younger self, his opening comment was “evangelicalism has become much more holistic: whereas it used to be confined to winning people to Jesus, it now includes a deep commitment to social justice.” Read the full interview at

Read Tony’s Interview in Fuse. magazine and learn why he believes believes in emphasizing the negative side of technology. Click here to download Fuse_Issue14: “Using Technology Wisely.”

Tony was recently interviewed on the Something Beautiful podcast.

Tony was recently interviewed in advance of his participation at the Baptist Assembly in the United Kingdom. He talks about Israel/Palestine, misguided Evangelicals, reading Paul through the prism of Jesus and why Christ is still relevant today in this five minute interview.

Read the Spirit has a four part interview and review of Tony Campolo and Mary Darling’s new book Connecting Like Jesus available on their website. Make sure you navigate through to check out all four sections! Click here to read “725 Fresh Ideas for Church Growth from Tony Campolo Draw from Timeless Communication Principles.”

Tony recently phoned in for an interview with The Virtual Pew which you can read online.



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