22 Aug 2004

Journey of Faith

Sermon Outline (click to download):

Tony tries to spell out how we can live life “abundantly.” He puts a special emphasis on how service to others can bring personal fulfillment and engender joy.

  1. Story about when Tony had to preach and was an hour late because of Daylight Savings Time
  2. Most people that come down the aisle at evangelistic meetings don’t stay Christian
  3. The first thing in maintaining yourself as a Christian is getting into Bible study
  4. Story about the book “The Silver Trumpet” by J. Wesley Ingles  that Tony’s mom gave him before he went off to college
  5. You must know the author of the book
  6. Read through the entire book of Mark
  7. Early Christians were required to memorize the entire book of Mark
  8. Read through the book of James
  9. You have to get into the scripture and read it in depth, not superficially
  10. Get into prayer
  11. Story about Tony’s seven year old son and praying
  12. Prayer is not a list of non negotiable demands to God
  13. God knows what you have need of before you even ask
  14. You need to ask, not to inform Jesus but to form a relationship of dependency
  15. Christianity is a crutch for weak people; people just don’t realize how weak they are.
  16. When you come to prayer, don’t come in an air of formality
  17. Jesus wants us to be intimate with him
  18. Romans 8
  19.  “abba” means daddy
  20. When praying be sure to talk to Jesus with intimacy and love
  21. God does not give you a map for life, God promises to be a presence in your life and if you are sensitive to it, He will guide you every step of the way
  22. You have to form a support group
  23. A real spiritual experience will not last, but you can be regularly refilled
  24. The Holy Spirit becomes a power in our lives. The Bible says “Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am also.”
  25. Story about the nun who had never flown on a plane before
  26. Story about the guy on the plane to Chicago that Tony just “leaned” on and focused Jesus on the guy
  27. Paul said “I come to you not with excellency of words, but the power of the Holy Spirit”
  28. Jesus empowers you through fellowship
  29. Every Christian need a group that will hold him or her accountable
  30. Without a support group, you are not going to live spiritually
  31. You need an affiliation
  32. Story about Tony as a pastor at a Presbyterian Church and instead of saying the “Lord’s Prayer” said “now I lay me down to sleep…” and the Mother’s Day scripture
  33. The Church of Jesus Christ is full of sick people, but they know where to come for healing
  34. The church equips the saints
  35. The church’s job is to equip to for the work of the ministry
  36. The Scripture says that you are the saints
  37. You come to the church that the church might teach you and build you up and equip to in the ministry
  38. You need the church and the church desperately needs you
  39. Story about Tony’s church in West Philadelphia, Mount Carmel Baptist Church and the “preach off”

Sermon Outline (click to download):

This message delivered to a group of teenagers, calls them to a radical commitment to Christ. Highlighting the needs of the world, Tony begs young people to take seriously the call of Christ and to respond to those needs with all that they are and all that they have.

  1. Jesus on the cross drew out all of the dirt and filth in your life and mine and absorbed it into himself
  2. Sin isn’t only removed, it’s forgotten
  3. Jesus no only forgives your sin, but erases your tape
  4. Jesus has made us capable of loving others
  5. Projection: We project onto others what we see in ourselves
  6. Love in the Bible is a simple thing. It is the way you look at people. When you look at people as sacred, you are given an energy to really love them
  7. Love isn’t just looking at a person but through God, enter into a person’s innermost being and touch something sacred
  8. You can believe all the right stuff, but not love
  9. Christianity is about changing the whole way that you live
  10. To be a Christian is to do what Jesus would do; love like Jesus would love…
  11. The purpose of an education is to be equipped to serve the people of Jesus
  12.  Tony sings “Little boxes made of Ticky Tack”
  13. The Bible says “be not conformed to this world”
  14. Most marriages don’t end because of adultery, but because of boredom
  15. Story about being on the elevator with “dead people” and getting them to sing “you are my sunshine”
  16. If you buy into the system will be dead too
  17. Real aliveness comes from letting Jesus in and Him empowering you to love. It is in the loving that you experience the aliveness
  18. Story about when Tony took his students to Haiti and the children who had died during the night from the flu
  19. Jesus said “Whatever you do to the least of these, you do to me”
  20. “Boldly go where no man has gone before” -Star Trek
  21. Story about when Tony went to a diner in Honolulu and the birthday party for Agnes the prostitute
  22. Being a Christian is bring hope, joy, and celebration into people’s lives
  23. There is no joy to life if you don’t care
  24. Story about Tony’s church in Philadelphia and Student Recognition Day
  25. Titles vs. Testimonies

Sermon Outline (click to download):

  1. Story about Tony on the flight to Denver and the little girl that was excited to see her daddy
  2. John 14- Jesus is wrapping up His ministry on Earth and sharing the Father’s love with the disciples
  3. John 14:6- “I and the Father are one”
  4. On the cross Jesus was contemporaneous with every human being
  5. Einstein’s theory of relativity
  6. God never was, God never will be, God is
  7. Story about the guy who was asked when was he saved and he replied “about 2000 years ago”
  8. The Bible says, “He who knew no sin will become sin for your sake”
  9. Jesus became everything that He hated about human beings
  10. Jesus did something on the cross that only God can do
  11. “He will present you faultless before your Father”
  12. Illustration of moving and walking down the streets of Philadelphia and entering the gates of Heaven
  13. John 14:12- “The works that I do ye shall do and greater works than these…”
  14. Joke: You have never seen me wear a turtleneck sweater…I’m afraid of walking around all day looking like a roll on deodorant
  15. None of the miracles had any lasting significance other than the resurrection
  16. Illustration of Jesus and Mary at the wedding feast and turning the water into wine
  17. Story about the three Haitian girls and the Disney party Tony threw for them
  18. Story about one of Tony’s students who became a cosmetic surgeon instead of a doctor to help those in Haiti
  19. Story about Brian Stevenson who provided legal services to poor people on death row in Montgomery Alabama
  20. Story about when Tony was a counselor at a Junior High camp and Billy who had Cerebral Palsy
  21. Illustration of “The Road Less Traveled”
  22. There is joy in being instruments of love and doing the works that Jesus gave us to do
  23. Story about the death of Tony’s father-in-law
  24. Story about Tony’s black church and turning a funeral into a celebration



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