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Curing Affluenza (DVD)

Many of us are ready to simplify our lives, but who has the time, the will or the know-how to do it? Being an on-the-go consumer is as American as apple pie. It keeps the economy strong. But what is it doing to us and those we love? Some people say it has made us sick with "affluenza." In his wonderfully warm and engaging way, Tony Campolo tells us about a cure actually documented in the Bible. Most of us already know something about that cure: "Sell all you have and give it to the poor," for example. But we think, "Surely Jesus didn’t mean this literally!" Or, "We live in a more complicated day when you just can’t do everything Jesus talked about!” But Campolo says we can, and he explains how. He tackles such forbidden subjects such as our money, our time and our possessions. He's really telling us we must simplify in order to live fully.

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