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  • Something Special in a Mainline Denominational Church

    There was a time when mainline denominations shied away from conducting what might be called those “old fashioned revival meetings.” In efforts to portray themselves as thoughtful Christians, not carried …
  • Rapture Problems

    I am confused about what the Bible says about the rapture. In I Thessalonians 4:13-18 and in I Corinthains 15:51-54 the Apostle Paul talks about the end of history being …
  • An Overlooked Bible Prophecy

    I usually turn off the T.V. whenever I come across those Bible Prophecy preachers. Their interpretations of scripture usually makes them into prophets of doom. They generally use the Bible …
  • The Repentance When Taking the Bread and Wine

    This past Sunday, while sharing The Lord’s Supper with fellow worshippers, I was challenged to repent of my sins. Before eating the bread that symbolized Christ’s broken body or drinking …

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Supporting the Podcast Ministry

Tony’s podcasts are an important part of his ministry and while EAPE has no corporate sponsors or advertisers underwriting the production and distribution of these programs, we remain committed to providing Tony’s challenging, insightful and often humorous message and commentary without charge to the public. If you have been blessed by Tony and his podcasts, please consider giving a financial contribution to help defray our cost of making these podcasts available to the public at no cost to the listener. You can DONATE NOW online or mail checks payable to EAPE and mail to EAPE | P.O. Box 7238 | St. Davids, PA 19087. Thanks for listening and for any financial support you can offer.

Key Life Radio

Steve Brown

Tony Campolo appears regularly on the nationally syndicated talk show, Steve Brown Etc. Steve Brown and Tony  come from opposite ends of the political spectrum, but their discussions illustrate how two people can disagree and still really like each other.

Saturday’s with Mark & Tony

Saturdays with Mark & Tony

While the program is no longer in production, Saturday’s with Mark & Tony was a weekly show where Tony Campolo and Mark Lowry answered theological questions and discussed relevant issues. You can watch the episodes on Mark’s YouTube channel.

30 Good Minutes

30 Good Minutes on WTTW

30 Good Minutes is a weekly series on WTTW Chicago featuring religious leaders discussing meaning, ethics and spirituality. Tony was a guest several times on the program, and many of his interviews tie in themes from his Classic Sermons including ‘The Kingdom is a Party.’

Other Media

Tony Campolo on The Colbert Report

Tony has been a guest speaker at many events and on many programs. Visit the Other Media page to listen to speeches, interviews and lectures, or to watch videos of guest appearances and other media in which Tony has taken part, including two visits to The Colbert Report.

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