It’s Friday but Sunday’s Coming

It’s Friday but Sunday’s Coming

This message is Tony’s trademark. He endeavors to show how surrendering to Christ enables individuals to have their personal, spiritual and psychological needs met. It goes on to point out that being yielded to Christ is to be part of a movement to change the world into the world that ought to be. This sermon picks up on the personal and social dimensions of the gospel.

Sermon Outline (click to download):

  1. “I’m not ashamed of the gospel of Christ”
  2. Social science has tended to ignore some of the prerequisites of the gospel
  3. Does the past really determine who and what we are?
  4. We are not just “Pavlovian dogs.”
  5. What is more important than the past is the future.
  6. The Christian gospel is not as concerned with where you come form, but where you are going
  7. You may be messed up simply because you can’t decide to Jesus wants you to do with your life
  8. Who we are and what we are is not simply defined by ourselves
  9. Story about Tony, an Italian growing up in West Philadelphia around Blacks and Jews
  10. The Bible doesn’t say that you mother, father, husband, or wife should be the most important person in your life. The Bible says that Jesus should be the most important person in your life.
  11. Are you willing to live for Him and most importantly, die for Him?
  12. Jesus thinks you’re terrific
  13. The good news of the gospel is that Jesus doesn’t see our sin
  14. Jesus sees more potential in you than you see in yourself
  15. We have been caught up in a lot of cultural myths.
  16. Jesus meets your need for love
  17. There is a difference between love and romance. Romance is self centered and egotistical. Love is always concerned about the other person
  18. Romance does not last
  19. Love in terms of Philos
  20. You will make a better husband and a better wife if you put Jesus first
  21. “Be not unequally yoked to unbelievers”
  22. Story about Dale Moody and when his mother died
  23. Philos: two people committed to the same goals and purposes in life
  24. Agape Love: A love that God himself creates in your life; God loving another person through you
  25. Agape love knows how to forgive, care, and is full of grace
  26. Tony tells the story of “A Raisin in the Sun”
  27. Where sin did about, grace did much more abound
  28. Every human being has a need for the miraculous
  29. Story about the time a woman brought a child to Tony and asked him to heal the child
  30. Romans 8- “When you pray, pray “Abba.” Father”
  31. We have a God that transcend the rational
  32. It’s about time we take the words of Jesus seriously
  33. 1 John 1:17-18
  34. Story about the time Tony rode off while a Haitian lady begged for help for her baby
  35. Being a Christian is giving of yourself to meet the needs of others
  36. Story about the 3 malnourished Haitian kids
  37. Jesus has called us to bring good news to the poor and oppressed
  38. Story about the “preach off” at Tony’s church in West Philadelphia
  39. It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Coming!
  40. When we take the gospel seriously our psychological needs will begin to be met, our capacity to love will be developed, will our appreciation for the miraculous will cause us to expect great things from God…


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