February 28, 2010; Emmanuel Presbyterian Church – Thousand Oaks, CA

Sermon Outline (click to download):

Question: Concern about the fact that 25,000 children die every single day due to starvation or diseases related to malnutrition.

  1.  25000 children die everyday because of starvation or diseases related to malnutrition. Although 25,000 is a lot, it is a lot less than the 40,000 20 years ago
  2.  Half of the children that die in Haiti die from poor drinking water
  3.  We often beat people into giving, when in fact we should encourage them to give by saying “look how much you have done and how much you can do.”
  4.  Tony talks about World Vision and giving out condoms to those in third world countries
  5.  We are not facing certain realities out there in the world
  6.  There are 250,000 slave children in Haiti
  7.  It’s hard to be noble when you are starving and your children are starving. Poverty creates meanness.

Question: Does God see that kind of picture as the hundreds of people in mass graves?

  1. The all powerful God 2000 years ago expressed his love and gave up his power
  2. You can not express love and power simultaneously
  3. Jesus sought to overcome the world not through the exercise of his power but through his sacrificial love. In the end sacrificial love will win
  4. When Jesus comes back the second time it will be in power
  5. The kingdoms of this world shall one day be the Kingdom of God
  6. Philippians 1- The good work that God began in us and through us he will complete on the day of His coming
  7. “In the midst of suffering we must realize something; that God is hoping we will come of age.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  8. Prayer is much more than just praying for the sick
  9. Pray is a matter of what God wants to do in us and through us
  10. Bronisław Malinowski said, “Magic is when people try to manipulate transcendental spirits to do our will.”
  11. Religion is when people submit to transcendental powers so that they can become the instruments through which God does His will in the world
  12. What prayer should be is something that ends with St. Francis who understood prayer; “make me an instrument of your love”
  13. God doesn’t need to change. You and I need to change. We need to surrender to the infilling of the Holy Spirit
  14. God has chosen not to use His power until He returns again. All of those evil forces that are at work, He shall put them down and Satan shall be bound in that day that He returns, that day is not yet.
  15. All of the powers of darkness cannot keep Jesus down
  16. The death and resurrection of Christ was “D-Day”, but “V-Day” hasn’t come yet.

Question: What do you see as the best model for getting out of this impossible position of trying to have one side (Democrats) or the other side (Republicans) and trying to move forward?

  1. Democrats who are Christians and Republicans who are Christians both have the same goals. The difference is the way the two think that the goals should be achieved
  2. Before the Iraq War, there was religious freedom in Iraq. Now there is a “Holy War”
  3. 40% of all foreign aid that the US government gives goes to Israel. God wants Israel to survive, but God doesn’t love the Palestinians any less than He loves the Jews. He is no respecter of persons.
  4. No one is collecting money for the evangelicals that have fled Iraq and are living in Jordan, or for the starving Arab Christians.
  5. On every issue in the Church of Jesus Christ we have to be honest about what we believe, but we have to end every statement by saying “but then I could be wrong”
  6. If you don’t acknowledge that you might be wrong you end us preaching at each other, yelling at each other, and crossfire.

Question: Why is there so much hostility in the evangelical community towards others?

  1. Story about Tony meeting George W. Bush
  2. You can have a movement without a God.
  3. Eric Hoffer says in his book The True Believer, “A movement can exist without a God, but no movement can exist without a devil. There has to be a devil to be destroyed.”
  4. Communism was the devil in the evangelical community, but then the Berlin Wall came down. The new devil unfortunately is the gays and the lesbians
  5. The American family is in serious trouble. More than half or marriages end in divorce.
  6. It’s the heterosexuals that are getting divorced the gays and lesbians want to get married
  7. We have made homosexuals the new devil. With 25,000 children starving to death, if Jesus returned, do you think dealing with homosexuality would be high in His agenda? He is concerned about everyone who suffers
  8. Gays and lesbians are people who suffer. They did not choose to be gay and lesbian.
  9. We are making the Muslims devils now.
  10. Niche said “Men never do evil with more enthusiasm than when they do it in the name of God.”
  11. We evangelicals have a lot to answer for because we have done more to anger people against devils than we have getting people to sacrificially love those who are different than we are.
February 28, 2010; Emmanuel Presbyterian Church – Thousand Oaks, CA

Sermon Outline (click to download):

  1. John 14- “Let not your heart be troubled, neither be afraid.”
  2. There is a big difference between Christ being with us and Christ being in us. He is with you whether you like it or not. He is in you because you invited Him in
  3.  Each one of us is supposed to be the incarnation of Christ.
  4.  Romans 8- The same Spirit that was in Christ Jesus, that same Spirit shall be in your mortal bodies
  5.  Story about when Tony went to a Pentecostal church.
  6.  John 3- The Spirit bloweth where it listeth, you can not tell how it comes or where it goes
  7.  Story about Tony’s son’s prayer. We read off a list of non-negotiable demands to God
  8.  We need to know how to just be still.
  9.  Isaiah 42- “Be still and know that I am God…In quietude and in stillness I will come to you.”
  10.  Story about Tony’s flight to Chicago and the man Tony just “leaned on”
  11.  You can have all the form of godliness and not have the power thereof
  12.  Jesus says “If my Spirit is in you, the work that I do you shall do and greater works than these…”
  13.  More importantly than miracles and prophecies is sacrificial love
  14.  1 Corinthians 13:1
  15.  Suppose the same Christ that was alive in Jesus was alive in all of you, he could love 200 people simultaneously
  16.  Miracles don’t have any lasting significance, but sacrificial love does
  17.  John 1:12
  18.  Story about Tony’s trip in Honolulu and the birthday party he threw for Agnes the prostitute
  19.  Jesus came to create a people who would bring celebration into the lives of those who have nothing to celebrate and to live out love sacrificially
  20.  Story about throwing a prom for old people
  21.  Story about the church in Trenton NJ and the man that lives alone
  22.  Your job is to be Christ and go to those who are cut off
  23.  Story about the gay guy that committed suicide at Tony’s high school
  24.  Story about the Eastern University chaplain and the girl who was afraid to tell her father she was gay
  25.  Our job is not only to live out love, but to be persons through whom we can move in the world and bring justice and hope where there is none
  26.  There is only one way to eliminate poverty and that is through job creation
  27.  Story about going to Haiti and Tony’s student who said he would become a doctor for the poor in Haiti, but ended up becoming a plastic surgeon
  28.  God calls us to be people that change the world that is into the world that ought to be
  29.  Story about Bobby Fisher the chess player who went to go see the movie “The Seventh Seal.”
  30.  “The king has one more move”- Bobby Fisher
  31.  Hebrews 11- Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen.
  32.  The world will end with the kingdoms of this world will become the Kingdom of our God and He shall reign forever and ever.
February 28, 2010; Emmanuel Presbyterian Church – Thousand Oaks, CA

Sermon Outline (click to download):

  1. Lectio Divina: silent meditation, asking the Holy Spirit to teach him or her the meaning of the verses they just read
  2.  Development in Haiti is not the development of programs, but the development of people so that the Haitians can do for themselves what we have been doing for then for way too long
  3.  The church is the body of Christ
  4.  Jesus was the physical body of the eternal Christ
  5.  John 14
  6.  There is a big difference of Christ with you and Christ being in you.
  7.  Christ is with you whether you like it or not, but he is in you, only if your receive him. *Refer to  John 1:12
  8. God knows what you have need of before you even ask
  9.  If you really want to pray, go into a closet and shut the door, and the God you meet in secret will reward you publically
  10.  The same Christ that was in Jesus will be in you. *Refer to Romans 8
  11.  Story about the deacon that didn’t “deac”
  12.  To be Christian is to invite the same Jesus that was in Christ that was alive in Jesus to be alive in you that through you, you can be Christ to others
  13.  Story about Jesus’ first miracle of turning water into wine
  14. Jesus didn’t come into the world to just do the miracle thing, he came into the world to do something more important… there was something more important than the miracles, it was the love expressed through those miracles. He came to live out that love in the world and to save the world not through miracles but through sacrificial love on the cross of Calvary
  15.  Story about Tony at a New Mexico airport and the lady he tried to get to smile.
  16.  Story about the bag lady at Nordstrom’s in Bel-Air
  17.  Love translated into social policy is justice
  18.  You can’t bring about justice without changing the socio-political order in which we live
  19.  President Clinton said, “Conservatives maintain the lines that should never be crossed and the liberals destroy the lines that should have never existed.”
  20.   Matthew 25- He will judge the nations
  21.  “We are all willing to be Christians up to a point… Could that point be the cross?
  22.  Story about Student recognition day at Tony’s Church in Philadelphia
  23.  When you were born, you were the only one crying and everyone else was happy. When you die will you be the only one happy while everyone else is crying?
  24.  If you have to choose between titles and testimonies, chose testimonies.
February 27, 2010; Emmanuel Presbyterian Church – Thousand Oaks, CA

Sermon Outline (click to download):

  1. Joke: You know you’re old when you go to a wedding and the bride’s grandmother looks better to you than the bride
  2.  Living out our faith in this secular society – the church is known as an instrument of oppression. 84 million dollars against Prop 8 – we celebrated, but they saw hate.
  3.  Willard Wallard was the first to really analyze the sociological relationship between power and love
  4.  In any relationship, the person expressing the most love is expressing the least power; whoever loves the least, exercises the most power
  5.  The church too often plays power games
  6.  We serve a God that doesn’t play power games
  7.  Philippians 2:6-7
  8.  Jesus did came to save the world not through power, but through sacrificial love
  9.  Jesus didn’t exercise economic power, political power, or religious power
  10.  There is a big difference between sacrificial love that draws people and power that coerces people
  11.  Jesus has something better than power, He has authority
  12.  Authority comes from sacrificial love
  13.  Jesus forfeit power, therefore, we should also forfeit power so that we may serve with sacrificial love – we cannot coerce people to Christ, we must show Him through our love
  14.  Story of two Jesus’ – Jesus Bar-Joseph (Jesus Son of Joseph), and Jesus Bar-Rabas (Jesus son of Rabas)
  15.  Story of Mother Theresa advocating for the mental health institute in Norristown, PA
  16.  Mother Theresa spoke as one having authority
  17.  Story of Elias Santana who was a graduate of the University of Chicago and worked as a doctor in the Dominican Republic, spending his wages on medicine for people in the slums, and Socrates Perez
  18.  Elias Santana spoke as one having authority
  19.  Story about the Japanese man that took care of American people during the war in the name of Jesus
  20.  Sacrificial love says more than your words
  21.  Story Metropolitan Curel and the Bulgarian Jews that were never killed during the Holocaust
  22.  We are called to be the body of Christ
  23.  While you were sleeping 25000 children died last night from malnutrition
  24.  Gandhi said, “Everybody knows what Jesus taught except the Christians.”
  25.  “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all his righteousness.”
  26.  “The last great idea was democratic capitalism”-Francis Fukuyama
  27.  When it comes to consumer goods, democratic capitalism is at the top of the list
  28.  The United States is a consumerist society
  29.  Walter Brueggemann would say that the if there was prophet he would weep because of what is happening because of his people
  30.  Babylon was the code word for the secular society in which they live in. Because they lived in the Roman Empire, their Babylon was the Roman Empire. If you live in the United States, your Babylon is the United States
  31. Every Babylon falls sooner or later. America is still Babylon, it is not the Kingdom of God
  32.  Revelation 18:11
  33.  There will be two reactions to the fall of Babylon; the merchants will weep, and the great multitude will shout “hallelujah, hallelujah”
  34.  We are 6% of the world’s population and we are using up 43% of the worlds resources (gold, silver, jewels, pearls… Those same resources mentioned in Revelation 18:12)
  35.  Story about the kid Tony met in Chicago who had no vitality, no joy, and didn’t laugh when Tony was waiting for the wrong doors on the elevator to open
  36.  The time has come for us all to ask, “What does it mean to stand up to a secular culture?” It means that you seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.
  37.  Take the first step away from consumerism and not spend money on stuff you don’t need, but spend money on what will really lay up treasures in Heaven.
  38.  Story about the 3 child prostitutes that Tony came in contact with in Haiti and the Disney party he threw for them.
February 21, 2010; Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel – Washington DC

Sermon Outline (click to download):

  1. Prayer
  2. Introduction/ Biography of Tony Campolo
  3. Gospel Choir
  4. Tony introduces Beyond Borders and Palmer Seminary
  5. After the Haiti earthquake, Tony began to question God
  6. Tells about the children and Haiti before the earthquake and after the earthquake. The restaveks (poor child servants) were neglected after the earthquake because it was no ones responsibility to feed them.
  7. There are people who believe that God is punishing Haiti. Tony believes that that is bad theology and contradictory to scripture.
  8. Uses the slavery of the Israelites in Egypt and their suffering and an example of God hearing the cries of suffering people.
  9. Story- The first time Tony went to an African American church and heard the “Christmas story” in a new light.
  10. Mentions the new healthcare plan
  11. “You can’t bring good news to the poor without bringing bad news to the rich.”
  12. Romans 8:28 should be translated “In the midst of everything that happens, God is there and out of it he will bring good in the midst of the horror and chaos of Haiti…”
  13. Joel Osteen said “I know it doesn’t look that way, but God is in control of everything that happens.” Tony responds by saying that if all of the deaths caused by the earthquakes, and genocides and slavery are in the plan of God then he has a problem with his plan.
  14. Story about the man and his son who died of Leukemia. The man said that after God allowed his son to die after an all night prayer meeting, he hated God. Tony’s response- “God can handle it.”
  15. Philippians 2 “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who thought in not robbery to be equal with God.”
  16. John 1 “All things were made by him, without him not anything that was made was made.”
  17. Luke 4- Satan tries to tempt Jesus
  18. John 14 “Let us rise because the ruler of this world is coming.” Who’s Jesus referring to?
  19. Story – 84 million dollars went towards running ads against gays and lesbians, not to feeding the hungry, or clothing the naked. 10 thousand volunteers to vote against gays and lesbians. What did the church actually win? “Harry and John” still got in the bed together that night. What did change is that tens of millions of gays and lesbians marched the streets screaming hatred against the church. We don’t win by playing power games; we win by expressing sacrificial love to a needy world.
  20. “The cross is about the triumph of sacrificial love” You cant express love without giving up power
  21. Romans 8 “The same spirit that was in Christ Jesus and raised him from the dead shall be in you”
  22. We are to be the instruments of change.
  23. Jesus shall reign when he comes back, but not until that day. God is in control needs to stop being said, because he wont reign until he returns.
  24. Take up your cross and follow a sacrificial Christ, and He will work in and through you.
  25. We are living between D-Day and V-Day: we live after the cross, but the victory of Jesus returning is yet to come. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, not things seen.
  26. Sponsor a child – not only in Haiti, but some of the 35,000 children dying every day from hunger and malnutrition (through Compassion International).
  27. His Lordship is not built on power, but is expressed through sacrificial love, both then on the cross, and still now.
February 14, 2010; First Baptist Jensen Beach and Haiti Partners – Jensen Beach, FL

Sermon Outline (click to download):

  1. Opening with Joke about getting old and the brides grandmother looks better to you than the bride
  2. John 14:12- “Let not your heart be troubled neither be afraid, you believe in God believe also in…I’ve gone to prepare a place for you… I am the way the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but by me… verse 12: And the works that I do, you shall do and greater works than these…”
  3. The difference between Christ being in you (you invite Him to be a living and transforming presence in your life) and Him being with you (not a choice you make. Don’t even have to be a Christian).
  4. When Jesus says that we shall do greater works than Him, it’s not about miracles.
  5. Story of Jesus turning water into wine
  6. “I’m not going to save the world with my power, but with my love”
  7. It’s not about miracles, it’s about love.
  8. Christ was in Jesus, the question is…Is Christ in you?
  9. The greater thing that we will do is love. Christ is in more of us now who have accepted Him, is greater that that 1 man Jesus. We should be acting like Jesus because Christ is in us.
  10. Story about the three girl prostitutes in Haiti. Tony throws them a Disney with banana splits. Nothing will be different the day after; they will still be selling their bodies tomorrow. But for one night, Tony gave them their childhood back.
  11. John 1:12
  12. What is really needed in Haiti is not the development of programs, but the development of the Haitian people.
  13. Haiti has been made into a welfare state that has been disempowered.
  14. Must make an investment in Haitian teachers.
  15. The type of future Haiti needs is a future where the Haitian people can say “we did it ourselves.”
  16. Tony asks for a dollar a day to pay for a teacher and rebuild the school buildings in Haiti and give their names and address.
  17. Story about being in Haiti at a restaurant and the 3 hungry Haitian boys
  18. 1John 3:17-18
  19. Difference between a black Baptist church and a white Baptist church.
  20. “When you were born, you were the only one who was crying, everyone else was happy. When you die, will you be the only one who is happy and everyone else is crying?”
  21. Is it about collecting titles or testimonies?
  22. Asks for congregation to give a dollar a day for Haiti.
February 14, 2010; First Baptist Jensen Beach and Haiti Partners – Jensen Beach, FL

Sermon Outline (click to download):

  1. John 14:12- Jesus is about to go to the cross and leave his disciples. The disciples are upset because they thought that Jesus was going to drive the Romans out, establish his kingdom and rule from Mount. Zion. Jesus tells them not to be upset.
  2.  There is a difference between Christ being in you (A choice made to accept Him) and Christ being with you (Christ is always with you).
  3.  Jesus says that they shall do what he has done, and even greater things than those. (Tony is suspicious of miracle workers who are bald.) Jesus must not be talking about miracles when he says “greater things than this.”
  4.  Miracles don’t last. The only lasting miracle was Jesus rising from the dead. (If someone is miraculously healed, eventually, they are going to die anyway.)
  5.  Jesus didn’t come into the world to demonstrate his power, but to demonstrate his love.
  6.  We are the body of Christ. Romans 8-“The same Spirit that was in Christ Jesus and raised Him from the dead, that same Spirit shall be in your mortal bodies.”   It’s about time we start acting like Jesus.
  7.  If that same Spirit that was in one is now in many (the 150 sitting in the audience) 150 is greater than 1.
  8.  The same Christ that was in Jesus wants to enter into each and every one of us. If you let him, you could be the now body of Christ as Jesus was the then body of Christ
  9.  Tony’s story about being in Haiti and the 3 young prostitutes. Tony threw them a Disney party, but nothing has changed, they will still be selling their bodies tomorrow to dirty men, but for one night they were children again.
  10.  Mention of Haiti Partners and their ministry
  11.  We have made Haiti into a welfare state. We end up doing for the Haitians, what they should be doing for themselves. We have to empower them. We have to help/train the teachers to learn how to read and teach children, rather than taking their teaching jobs away from them.
  12.  Tells the story of Tony being in Haiti at a restaurant and the three hungry Haitian boys.
  13.  We have been living absurdly. We have everything, huge houses, just to hold stuff and not necessarily people. While these people in Haiti don’t even have food.
  14.  Asks for people to donate a dollar a day for Haiti, to train teachers.
  15.  Closing Prayer



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